Mehrdad Radmehr known as Medad
Born in 1965, Began painting in private art schools in early youth. Medad was dismissed from Fine Art University in Tehran after matriculating. His exploration of surrealistic ideas was not welcome in Iran’s conservative cultural milieu. After moving to Denmark in 1984 Medad made his debut exhibiting surreal paintings at the Culture Hall of Randers Museum. Since then Medad has exhibited widely in galleries in Denmark and throughout the United States. Mêdad taught art in Danish high schools and at his own private art school in Copenhagen. 
After relocating to Palm Beach Florida in the early 90′s, Medad moved out of his surrealist period, embracing Neo-realism with clear, bright colors and sharp edges. Yet, even these apparently traditional subjects informed Medad’s trademark sense of ambiguity and his probing questions about the nature of reality. 
Since 2010, Medad has been living in New York and working on his ideas of Shapes and forms. Medad has boiled down the whole spectrum of shapes and forms in few universal words and pictures. The philosophy explains the universal shapes; from parts of an atom to movement of stars and planets, from shape of DNA to human designed mechanical cells, from straight tones of Bach to digestible circular language of Mozart, from circular lines of oriental patterns to straight lines of modern design etc…